Fly Rods

Fiberglass Blanks:

Fiberglass is my personal favorite when fly fishing. There is just something nostalgic about the look and casting experience that fiberglass provides. While it tends to be considered a "slower" cast, new technology has sped the actions up quite a bit. The slower cast tends to be more delicate on the fly and forgiving to the fisherman. While casting distance and larger flies tends to be the  vulnerability with these rods.......dry flies, nymphs, and smaller wet flies/Streamers are no sweat! These are our go to rods in the backcountry as they break down small and are perfect for those backcountry trips! Our 7'6"  and 8' options pack down to an ultra compact 23 - 25 inches. These sizes mixed with our ultra lite backpacking fly rod tubes are a great way to enjoy the backcountry with minimal weight!

Our fiberglass fly rods are built with Epic Fiberglass fly rod blanks out of Wanaka, New Zealand. These glass rods are considered some of the best in performance glass. 

Carbon/Graphite Blanks:

Carbon fiber blanks tend to provide a "faster" casting experience. If you are looking for faster loading and a quick delivery, carbon fly rods are the way to go. These rods tend to hold up better in windy conditions and can toss bigger bugs farther!

Our Carbon fly rods are designed and built with high modulus, high strain carbon 4 material. The action is fast and the weight is light with these rods. These are an excellent choice fore those looking for an affordable performance powerhouse. These rods are built on a 4 piece platform for portability. A great fly rod for any use. 

Reel Seat: We use REC  (US Made) reel seat hardware or Batson nickel or Aluminum reel seats depending on the options and look you are seeking.

Grips: The cork grips are made from natural, burnt accent cork, and rubberized cork at the ends to increase durability. Our grips are hand turned and shaped in-house. A cork sealant is applied unless otherwise specified.

Hardware: We use high quality REC (US Made) Titanium guides or Pac Bay guides! Please specify which you prefer.


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*Please keep in mind, this is a one man operation and all fly rods are made to order. That being said, please note that your fly rod may take up to 5 weeks for delivery. I will do my best to give you a more accurate timeline at the time of purchase.*

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