Mammoth        Fly Rod Company

 Craftsmanship Inspired By  The Eastern Sierras 


All of my fly rods are made with the same care, quality, and craftsmanship I have come to expect when fly fishing.

We use fiberglass and carbon fiber rods. Please see the "Fly Rods" page to learn more about options.

The reel seats are sourced from a craftsman, within the United States. This craftsman uses rare and beautiful woods for each reel seat. We add a cork butt cap on each rod. This allows me to mount the end of the rod blanks into the butt cap, ensuring a blend of beauty and utility. This ensures optimal sensitivity from the butt cap to the fly in the water.


The fly rod grips are made in house utilizing only high quality cork, sourced from both the US and Portugal. A blend of natural and burnt cork creates a classic and rustic look. They are finished off with a cork sealer to last you for years to come.


I put everything I have into these rods. I know you will be satisfied with the look and feel of these rods!

Mammoth Fly Fishing Rods

Mammoth Fly Rod Company was born out of passion. Growing up fishing the streams and lakes of Wisconsin, fly fishing has been a passion of mine since I was 14 years old. Moving to Southern California has given me the opportunity to experience and explore the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains, gaining a true appreciation of their beauty and all they have to offer. With some of the best fly fishing in the West, it was easy to get inspired to build some of the highest quality fly rods out there. I have always been a fan of the classic look for fly rods and try to mimic that with simple yet beautiful accents on my fly rods. Everything I have to offer goes into each and every fly rod, and I know you won't be disappointed! 



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