Warranty, Repairs, & Returns

Though you shouldn't need one, I offer a lifetime warranty on fly rods. Its pretty simple.....if something on the rod breaks or comes lose and it's our fault, we will take care of it without cost to you. If something on the rod breaks or comes lose and its your fault, give us a call and we can see what options we may have. We are fairly flexible so reach out to us and lets talk it over. I have one favor to ask of my customers, however. Since we are all adults (most of us anyway), I would hope no one would abuse the flexibility in the warranty. Please care for these rods as if they were a "hand me down" from your great grandfather, and I am sure they will last generations. 


Please keep in mind, this is a small operation. I do not have the staff, resources, or funding that larger rod companies have. My rods are built to order, and any replacements or repairs may take a bit longer than normal. I apologize for the inconvenience.

If you have a warranty/repair/return request or question, please use the form below. Thank you!

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